Kira Incorporated, individualised programs for people with disability

One direction. Yours.

Kira is a not for profit organisation who receives funding through the Disability Service Commission and on a fee for service basis. We provide individualised programs that are tailored to meet the needs and outcomes of people with disability enabling them to live a good life.

We promote:

To support people to thrive by encouraging independence

The concept of Kira as a service came about in 1991 when a group of parents, all of whom had adult children with disabilities attending a sheltered workshop, came together to discuss how they could better improve the lives of their children.

They felt that social opportunities, real life experiences, and stimulation were not being provided or maximised within the sheltered workshop environment.

This group of parents, assisted by Errol Cocks, lobbied intensively to Disability Services to access funds to start a service that would better cater for the needs of their adult children who had low to medium support needs.

Permission was granted to this group of people to commence a Transition Project which became operation under Disability Services Alternative to Work Program.

A committee was formed to manage the work of the project.

At this stage, all work was required to be conducted out in the community, and the project was a subsidiary of Activ Foundation.

A small office was utilised, this was located in the industrial area of Osborne Park, and it had only one toilet which was not accessible for people using wheelchairs.

The Transition Project was deemed to be successful and set the framework for the service to continue on its own, independent of Activ Foundation.

The Committee of Parents decided to name the service Kira, an Aboriginal term meaning ‘flame’ to represent the eternal flame that is always a light in all of us.

Kira became incorporated in May of 1992.

Over the years Kira has grown and developed to be an Alternative to Employment Provider, we now provide services and support to members who represent the diversity within our community.

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