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We support people to thrive by encouraging independence

Understanding and responding, so that it is meaningful to your journey, is at the core of Kira Community Services.

With you. For you.

Kira was founded in 1991 by family members who had adult children with disabilities attending a sheltered workshop. Our families had a vision. A vision for a more inclusive Perth where their young adults with disabilities could chase their potential and thrive within their community – what ever that may be…where ever that may be.

This group of parents, assisted by Errol Cocks, lobbied the Disability Services Commission intensively to kick-start a service that would better cater for the individual needs of young adults with a disability in Perth’s Northern suburbs.

Permission was granted. A Transition Project operating under the Disability Service Alternatives to Work program began, as an arm of Activ Foundation in Osborne Park. With a service framework built, the Transition Project was soon deemed successful and allowed to continue on its own.

This journey of gaining of independence, much like the experience of those being supported, strengthened the resolve to create meaningful opportunities for all people with disabilities. After much reflection, the committee of parents named the service Kira, a local Aboriginal term meaning ‘flame’ to represent the eternal flame that is alight in us all to create an inclusive world.

Kira became a Registered Not-for-Profit Charity in May 1992.

Over the years, many of our families are still an active part of the Kira journey.

Kira’s passion and core belief of an inclusive Perth has led to delivery of meaningful individual services and group programs across. We now deliver services from Yanchep and Alkimos in the North, to Midland in the East, and to Fremantle in the South.

Kira continues to be focused on delivering meaningful outcomes with our members and their families…

With you. For you.

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