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Our values.
Think of us as family.

Life with disability is full of ups and downs, trials and triumphs.

We understand – Kira was created by parents of people living with disability, for people living with disability and their families. And like all the best extended families, we’re here to help you every step of the way. It’s who we are.

      Our values

Relationships. We’re here for you on life’s journey, but to be there and be effective, we need to listen. We need to understand. And so, everything we do is based on our relationships.

Responsiveness. Life’s full of twists and turns, and as your needs change, so we’ll adapt and evolve our support services and solutions to suit you, with you.

Perseverance. When things get difficult, we get even more determined to help. We will stay focused and persist, creating meaningful experiences for everyone.

Respect. Everyone is unique. Everybody’s opinion, welfare and happiness is equally valid and valuable. We listen respectfully and treat everyone considerately.

Courage. We believe in your rights. We will stand up with you and for you. We will always be courageous in standing up for what’s right and what you want and need.

    Our principles

We are person centred. We engage with members in a way that’s meaningful to them and strive to understand who they are.

We support and enable choice. We help members make their own choices and not only live a meaningful life, but define what a meaningful life looks and feels like.

We facilitate self-direction. We ensure members control how they want their support delivered. We’re here to support and enable members to make those choices.

We provide active support. We provide a planned, systematic way of supporting members. We enable members to live a good life, make their own choices and achieve their goals.

We promote positive behaviour support. We are positive in our approach to improving quality of life, and we reduce or eradicate practices that restrict members.

 More than words

These values and principles are the heart of our organisation, developed by our members, for our members. And they define everything we do.

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