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Making Jam with Gio

Gio loves being part of his community. The Kira team support Gio to volunteer at Landsdale Farm School each the week. Gio’s recent achievement puts a smile on his face… a clear measure of success in our books

With the onset of the warmer weather, Gio noticed the fruit from the Mulberry trees at the farm were overflowing. While on a tea break with his fellow workers, Gio mentioned:


“Someone should make mulberry pie with all the fruit on the trees”.

Gina encouraged Gio’s great idea, but also thought that making jam would use more of the fruit! And
so, the adventure began with Gio and Gina using their time away from the farm to plan their jam making.

It has taken Gio and Gina three weeks to carefully pick, process and produce jars of delicious jam.

Gio Jam Making

The first week was pretty messy as Gio picked berries from the trees. Both Gina and Gio were covered in mulberry juice after each session.

The second week involved shopping, where Gio planned and purchased the ingredients he would need to make the jam, such as sugar, pectin, lemon juice and jam jars.

Gio Making Jam

The final week was spent at Kira’s kitchen making jam. This involved cooking the berries, adding LOTS of sugar, lemon juice for taste, and pectin to help the jam ‘set’. Once the mixture had cooked, the sterilised jars were filled and lids carefully screwed shut.

Gio is proud about learning this new skill, and is especially pleased to be able to share his creation with his family and friends for Christmas.

Oh, and he keeps telling us how delightful it is to enjoy his home-made jam on his toast and crumpets for breakfast!

Gio's jam - all finished

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