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Kira and the NDIS


In late December 2017, the Commonwealth and WA governments announced a new bilateral agreement which will see WA join the nationally-delivered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will assume responsibility for the delivery of the NDIS in WA. The NDIS will continue to be implemented on a geographic basis and expects full WA rollout by 2020.

What Does This Mean for Our Kira Families?

Kira has been actively delivering NDIS services since 2016.

Our learnings over this time have led us to develop and invest in systems and structures to aid families through the transition.

Most of our Kira families who reside in the City of Wanneroo and City of Joondalup will be transitioning into their first NDIS plans in October 2018, with the remainder transitioning in July 2019.

All indications from the NDIA suggest that transition plans will convert existing planned hours and be aligned to NDIA clusters pricing, not the existing WA pricing that most of our families have become accustomed to.

Planning with your Coordinators is imperative in ensuring our Kira members continue to get the most effective use of their supports in service bookings.

We’ve also learnt from our colleagues across Australia that vibrant, local supports play a big part in NDIS service planning – something Kira has a strong legacy in delivering.

Investing in Our Members’ Future

Kira have invested in broadening our Coordination team to assist our families during their transition.

We have learned through our NDIS experience that families need to be disciplined about maintaining routine use of allocated hours to achieve member outcomes. This is particularly relevant in the first years of the plan.

Kira’s recent investment in a service management system, organisational structure and the extension of our service hub further north are in direct preparation for NDIS service delivery. Fixed in-service transport and travel allocation in NDIS plans necessitate close planning and attention.

Service planning and integration of our Kira service culture focusses on enhanced connection between members in NDIS. This has also resulted in extending popular Kira activities in communities local to our members as well as to create vibrant NEW activities through this transition to NDIS.

Transitions succeed when there is clear communication and planning between families, NDIA and Kira – so please continue to work with your Coordinator through this transition. This will make the transition as smooth as possible, and ensure our members continue to get the supports needed.

The NDIS has been said to be the largest reform project our nation has seen since the rollout of Medicare.


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